I am a blogger at Jimmy's Platform
entrepreneur and social media expert.

what do I aim at achieving?

My blog is a platform where I display all 
I know and share my expert knowledge on
 social media marketing. I aim at building successful 
relationships with fellow bloggers and online 
business entrepreneurs like me, 
but besides that I am  a true believer of the
 global change that is happening on the
 social media and I am determined to make 
the most out of it and build the global community.

How Did I start?
My works and skills are a reality of my curiosity and
 obsession. I run several online courses online
would say I am getting self-education due to some reasons.

What services do I offer?

I do not want to come out being a social media philanthropist 
but I do render coaching on how to build traffic all free, also
I pride myself a making a success out of every client.