Monday, 17 October 2016

How To Shop Online And Get Secured.

Security means a lot both online and offline especially in a world of hackers, scammers and too good to be true price tags. For those who don't shop online frequently or are new to it, it's just like walking down the belly of the beast if they have been scammed previously or lost money in some way only they know.

On my previous post, I talked about how to spot an eBay scam which was written for sellers but the story here will be going down to how I started purchasing stuff online and How I made my first purchase, what site I purchased from, what precautions I too and the questions I asked.

In the beginning;

I first fell in love with shopping online when a guy I knew told me He buys wrist watches from china and sells in Nigeria.
He didn't have to travel down to china and he just received it at his doorstep here in Nigeria, it sounded like a lie because I thought this stuff was only in the myths and legends of this century but it was true so I embarked on learning how to also purchase online.
I still remember my first large purchase on Aliexpress being a Lenovo refurbished tablet the deal went down perfectly right and I got my item shipped down to Lagos, Nigeria within 3 days time via DHL.

So I will dive into how to get secured and spend your cash on the right stuff. They are questions to be asked and steps to take so below I will tell u about this things if you are still like me 4 years ago before my first purchase.

Check Store's Refund Policy.

No amount of knowledge you get from my post or any other post would give you 100% guarantee that you can make a purchase on any site(trusted or not trusted) perfectly without a solid refund  policy.
A refund policy assures you money back if your order does not arrive within delivery time promised by the seller, in most cases, you will get back up if the item you get from the seller is significantly different from what was described on the seller's page.
Now, chances are that you either get a full refund and return the item or get a partial refund and keep the Item.
Every online store has a refund policy below their web pages.

Be Aware Of Identity Theft.

So, what is an Identity Theft?
It is a fraudulent practice of using another person's name and personal information in order to obtain credit, loans, etc.
The question here is how can your credit card details be obtained by someone else and how do you protect yourself while using your card to purchase online.

Also read: How Credit Card Fraud Works, And How To Stay Safe.

Before trying out paid services in other to protect your security details against Identity Theft they are simple steps you can take that only requires common sense.

  • Never use your credit card shopping on a public computer or one that isn't yours. Why?; You can never tell if whatever device you use that's not yours has a keylogger software installed on it and a keylogger software is one of the basic tools hackers use to get passwords. This keylogger software records every keystroke you type and is emailed to the hacker. Now, the chances of getting hooked by this scams are that you expose your password by logging into your account on a monitored device and believe me, the result can be very nasty.
  • I have talked about how much we love cheap/free things online in one of my previous articles and I will stress it here again. People easily get scammed on the internet because they want to spend less and get more, that's why it's advisable to purchase only on trusted sites in other to get product guarantee and detail protections.

Create  Relationships With Sellers.

I have never viewed an online transaction like a one time deal, view your online transaction same as the one you carry out with your hair stylist. You trust your stylist because His or Her services have met your standard. The Same thing can be done online with your online sellers.
It is more advisable to have a single seller in a store that supplies you with a certain product rather than making a random search for cheap stuff.

Also, the whole idea of shopping online is not about making a one hit transaction and off  you go to find something cheaper. The main essence of shopping from your own comfort is to make trade easier for you and the seller, to give you access to several products with a single swipe and also to support a cashless and safe way of paying for products/services.

Make Trust Purchase.

Trust purchase is a word you will only find on Ugly Bay because I invented it and I will tell what a trust purchase is.
When I made my first transaction online I was careful to spend not more than $25USD the same precaution was taken in my second, third and fourth transaction all on one buyer because it is said that if one can be trusted with little things, it's worth trusting big things unto them.
So, all four items bought were significantly similar to what the seller had described and they earned my trust.
This method can be applied to stores/sellers you haven't made transactions with before.

I won't put an article to discourage you from not buying from stores that aren't popular but because we do have a lot of genuine unknown stores on the web, it's best you make a trust purchase for at least 5 times before giving in to something worth slightly higher in amount.


Security can never be guaranteed to you by anyone, the choices you make are what determines how safe it could get for you when cutting a deal online and I advise you make more findings on paid protection software like Anti-virus and spyware which you can use to protect your details against online fraud if you are good at breaking rules.



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