Friday, 2 September 2016

4 Habits For Writing Killer Blog Contents.

You are probably reading this article because you are eager to cross check your content habits or implement some of these habits on your blog.
You should also know that they are not professional advice but just a set of rules I have created, and they work.
Before you go ahead trying out these habits on your contents, you must also understand that they are no requirements to be a professional blogger, all you need is a good write up and telling the story your way.

Below are sets of habit I have developed for every of my content.

Add  Questions To Create Interactions.

I will go beyond adding questions get interactions on your blog. I'm always more concern about comments on each of my posts, the reason being that comments proves my hard work is being appreciated or criticised(criticism is good), but when you are not getting comments on your blog, it's a dreadful sign, and you have to address it.

When it comes to getting interactions on your post, adding questions at the end of the post is a little step close to flooding your comment box.
I would share a few post links from my favourite bloggers to you about several ways you can get those comments coming in.

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Read- Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do about It
Okay, so those are a few ways to step your blog activities up.
Adding simple questions at the end of each of your post helps let your readers see your points clearly, the whole essence of you working on that topic and makes them drop their opinions as comments.
 So next time when putting up a content always ask about your reader's opinion or what the think about the ideas you are contributing to them.
Leaving Easy-to-answer question leads to discussions from your readers.

Respond To Comments.
Responding to comments is equivalent to appreciating what you have. Besides that, the more legit criticism you get, the more your overall search traffic doubles and to keep more comments coming in.
Responded comments keep visitors coming back to get your feedback, and as such increasing your traffic.

Write  Long-Form Contents.
You have probably come across those articles online telling you to keep your post "short and sweet", but most times, not every rule applies to every content.
The reason people move from one blog to another not taking points from one post is that they need more options. The main idea of existing as a blogger is to to provide several options for your readers, and you would need lots of words to mentions these options.

Let's say you are to write about "How to build your brand" and you make an article of 350 words with only a single way of building a brand, this one way trip to building a brand would only make your reader get on board to another blog for more options if not favourable.
But with more research on a topic, more choices, and a long content your readers have several options from you and it favours both you and your readers as it makes them spend more time on your blog.
Use Of gifs

Gifs are great! My very first post to give me a comment had a gif in it, nothing superstitious about it but it's true that gifs help boost comments as they contribute in adding humor to your post(which is superb) and they catch reader's attentions.
One of the best tools social media marketers use to get attention on their views online is via visuals which include photographs, videos, and gifs.
Out of all these visuals, videos are the most productive at sending out a message effectively, but a gif is between, some moving picture which gives you a great advantage when using them to post your contents on social media and your blog. You should read more on;-
Benefits of Using Visuals In Content Marketing.
Understand the power of positive thinking and being persistent, these habits are not spiritual rituals that would expand your blogging career in days or weeks, it's a weekly routine(depending on how many times you publish a month).
Also never think the would be a moment in your blogging career when you would have less to learn, and you would have everything in place. Daily the world internet upgrades and innovations are taking place, so you should always set your mind at being in the position of learning.

With these mindsets, you would be able to coop with even 12 page views a day till you achieve thousands.

What Do You Think?
Do you have any habit you have been implementing on your blog that has proved positive? I would appreciate if you comment below to share it with everyone.


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