Thursday, 4 August 2016

How To Get More Twitter Followers Using Growth Champ.

Getting more followers daily is every twitter user's wish, be it for the need of marketing or just for fun. We all do want tons of twitter followers.

There is a thing on twitter, those with thousands and millions of followers are popular people, even if you might not know them.
It happens to me a lot, I most time follow people based on the fact that I'm impressed by the number of followers they have and will love to get updates from them.

And the most important part about outstanding twitter profiles are the figures.

So how can You achieve this without being a celebrity?

Properties Of An Impressive Twitter Profile.

  • Having a lesser number of people you follow compared to the number following you.
  • Having have six figure followers.
  • A few tweets.
  • Less likes.
With this properties, that's how fellow users would judge you and draw to a conclusion if they really want to follow you voluntarily.

Most times we tweet more and use hashtags to get more impressions but that only gives us a dirty profile except  we do use multiple tweet deleters to keep it clean.

But how do you get people to follow you simply but doing nothing on your account but post what you want to share?

Using Growth Champ.

I would explain to you what growth champ does for your twitter account and what I have achieved using growth champ.

I personally decided to enable growth champ manage my account and didn't tweet for a week and still gained 71 new followers.

Growth champ automatically manages your twitter account for you and monitors targeted audience in your niche. Growth champ also has features that automatically launches interaction with followers of celebrities in your niche, making them notice you and make the move on following you, with growth champ you grow organic followers. With growth champ, you can always promote tweets and keep an active account for social media marketing.
I won't want to go on preaching but I have told you the basics you need to know about growth champ, now How To sign up.

Step 1- open Growth champ and click fill in your twitter email in the blue highlighted space.
Step 2- And select Twitter on the red highlighted space and click sign up for Free.

Step 3- You would be redirected to a page where you would have to fill in your interest(e.g music, business health etc) and select what goals you aim at achieving using growth champ also, a section to limit your target audience to a certain city etc. But it's better not to limit it for more exposure.
Then press Next.

Step 4- You fill in your twitter handle and  password. And next
Step 5- A list of popular people in your niche would be displayed for you to pick 5 of which their users would get into interactions with you till they follow you.

So this is the final section then press next and skip every other step till it takes you to the dash board.


  1. Excellent written, with pictures and step by step. I used unfollowers website in the past , to see if I'm followed by zombie accounts. Now, let's see what kind magic, this puppy can do.

    Thank you for your time reading my comment!

    1. yes, I appreciate your every comments Vlad