Friday, 5 August 2016

How I Sold My First Book And What I learnt - Offline marketing.

I always come up with new and legal ways of making extra money for my personal use and mostly to help build my blog and one of those ways are selling books. Not e-books to say, my country's economy is in total recession and everyone is trying to make earns meet so it made me sign up for marketing a certain set of books published by my church's press(Advent Press)

Every other marketer in my church who sells these books engage in offline marketing and it's really hard going face to face when there are so many unhappy people.

These book's niche are under Health, Family Relationships, Teens and Spiritual Guidiance which are totally different niche from what I do here, what I study online and the niche of my favourite blogs.

So how do I get up on a tuesday morning to convince and successfully hand over  a set of health, relationship, spiritual guidiance and teens book to someone without having a passion and commitment for these topics? I was told during the marketing training in church that you have to have passion before you make successful sales and this quite works same for a blogging career.

I knew the bitter truth and possible future of walking in circles on the streets of Lagos for weeks or probably months(If am still persistent) without selling a book, but I had to go ahead.

I believe  "As long as there is a will, there is a way".

So in order to prove my teachers wrong I had to make out a plan.
I knew the only possible way is to bring in blogging rules, try to find a similarity between what I do and these books and it all fell to Marketing.

Am to market a book in a different niche and I talk about content marketing on my blog, so I have to just market these books in a way that suits its niche.

How Blogging Rules Aid Offline Marketing.
I had to bring in one blogging rule into selling these books and this rule is acting like your only interest is serving them and not after making money off a potential customer. I spent an average of 3minutes to introduce what I'm selling and of what use it is to them.

I also knew what book to introduce to them, the older women had marraige and parenting books introduced first then accompanied by the home health books while the younger people had teen books about relationships introduced to them.

These format is just like growing organic followers on twitter, its all about their possible interests. The older women also got teens book that they can buy as gifts for their kids or someone they knew.
But they loved the books because they where colourful, had large fonts and good pictures but no body bought it.
I first of all thought, "oh yeah how would they buy when everyone is broke".

So I had to step up and thought of creating a little moment relationship with anyone I met next even if most words would sound like a lie or probably a lie.
Several people I came in contact with, most of them had told me how they don't love engaging themselves in reading books and the sad truth about why most of them said this was because I introduced the big books just because I wanted to make one big sale.
so I recalled a quote, "Little drops of water makes up an ocean"

So I put away my big books and talked more about the little ones and before they say it, I tell them how much I dislike reading and thats why I sell little books.
But they gave me new excuse why they won't buy or can't which was "NO MONEY". Those two words really break my heart.

So I decided to follow another blogging rule which is adding a personality to your contents.

How Adding Personality Aids Sales.
Before I set off for my marketing, I had a little written note stating how I would introduce myself and my books.

 For 2 days I used them and it only made me sound like am speaking for someone, like a puppet and someone under pressure. So it was time to make people like me for me. So on thursday, everyone I met I tried to strike a little conversation with them while introducing my book and also ask them questions related to the books topic and when they try sharing any idea, I appreciate them.

I smiled and none of them told me they were not interested to even listen to me and that was one success.
Most people told me why they don't buy health books(complaining about not having access to most of the fruit and herb remedies these type of books talk about in our locality) so I tried telling them that they could get it as a gift and also they contain new researches and have only herbs and fruits you can find in Nigeria.

So they still didn't buy but they told me to check up on them later and that was a good news.

Later That Thursday I sold A Book.

You know that saying that says, "Aim for the moon if you don't get it at least you fall among the stars"

I may disagree about that in most cases, so I approached a man and I started speaking, expressing myself, telling him about my little health book and implementing every content marketing skill I have known.

And he finally said, "I like you", "You are young and I like what you do". I have a son about your age and I would buy it mostly because I like you and am interested in health.
 But it seems you know a lot about health or does this little book contain all you have told me?, and I wanted to say "Yes" so he could just love it more and buy it or say "No" and introduce the bigger ones so he could buy it and I make more money.

So all in one second thought I said "No" and said "I have a bigger one" and I just knew it that he would buy it since he was suprised about my age and how convincing I tried to be so it made him give me full attention while I spoke.

And he bought the bigger book for N2,500($7.83USD) not because of the health  advice but because of my courage and the passion I showed. I didn't act like I have some boss that has giving me a daily target or someone trying to just make money off another person.

I believe a good marketer can sell anything given to him or her and I also think am a good marketer.

Today is friday and I sold another book.

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