Sunday, 10 July 2016

Do You Need An SEO Expert? Or You Can Just Do It Yourself.

Have decided to take blogging as a career, so I have my blog set up all by myself and have been reading blogs of several successful bloggers
who know the insights in blogging, content marketing, and Business growth.
But I still have a problem. One blogger says it's necessary you get an SEO expert while the other says it isn't exactly necessary.
Hiring an SEO expert can't boost your page views in weeks but does my blog need one?

It's a YES and NO answers; this is how I will say it.


Hiring an SEO expert increases your expenditure(which isn't good for a newbie.

I would consider getting and SEO expert too quick as a newbie as desperate, its shows that you just want to reach the end point of being ranked top
but you should know both SEO ranking and using social media takes time. It's a journey, not a destination, it never stops.

With all the tips on the web about how to grow your audience to thousands in weeks, you can achieve it, but there is one paramount thing every amateur blogger should understand, which is how to satisfy your readers. This is one thing you can't pay someone to do; it's a skill you need to develop with few visitors then you can handle the multitude, and it does take time. Getting an SEO expert too quick and ranking well so fast would certainly make you disappoint a lot of visitors with maybe poor contents, poor blog design and every other dumb thing we amateurs do to scare away our visitors. In short words, you are still incapable of handling success, so you need to grow and study your audience, and that's why Google Analytics is a must have for every blogger.


They could be consequences if done wrongly, consider getting an expert to play by the rules. Violating any search engine policy simply means not being ranked properly or not coming up on search results and the price to pay is losing your potential page visitors to competitors.

You would certainly need an SEO expert at a particular stage in your web business.
Just like how lawyers hire accountants, you would need someone(probably a team) who would be in charge of generating leads and sales, people to execute the bigger task as you would not have the luxury of having time.
But you should know Its possible to build a business without SEO,  whatever time you are investing in SEO if converted to create your blog on the social media would give you same results.


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