Sunday, 3 July 2016

5 Tweeting Mistakes To Look Out For.

Twitter is a great tool for marketing your blog/business, a lot of blogging pros use Twitter as their primary source of traffic for their business. But it goes beyond just owning a Twitter account, in fact, it goes beyond tweeting and using hashtags.
Below I will give you screenshots and factors of Twitter disasters that kill your web business

Hashtag Abuse. Hashtags are my number one source of getting followers on Twitter, but I try not to overuse them. It's pretty messy putting up 4-8 hashtags on one tweet, it doesn't show professionalism and seems to label you as desperate. Another abuse of hashtags is using the wrong hashtag for a tweet, I have mentioned this in my previous post.
Don't use a hashtag just because it's trending. You aim at building like-minded followers and as such, use hashtags in your niche.

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Long Tweets. Not because it's 140 characters you should make use of all traits, learn to express yourself through your tweets in the shortest forms. Long tweets could also get annoying to viewers.

Too Much Abbreviations. With the way Twitter enables your tweets to reach maximum exposure via hashtags, you should not use abbreviation not everyone would understand your tweet when you have too many abbreviations in it.

Spelling Errors. No one is above mistakes and when it comes to spellings no one is perfect but wrong use, or misspelling of words can send out a different message to your readers. But these mistakes can be corrected if you use the right tools.
Tools like Grammarly on your google chrome Ad on can help you correct and detect when there is a mistake in your tweet and even when writing contents for your blog.

A Disorganised Profile. Your profile is a first impression and how you set it determines the number of people that would love to get engaged with you online.
Try your very best to balance your number of tweets you have, followers and people you follow. Having 4k tweets, following 3k and having only 200+ followers is not a good impression, you should Let every of your tweet and retweet count. Also, every piece of your profile should represent your business, from your description to profile picture. Below is a Twitter disaster screenshot of what am trying to explain.

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What You Should Do?

Get Noticed
 Let your presence get noticed by replying to followers tweet. Many times I wondered if my fans saw my tweets because a majority of them got thousands of people they follow, this explains how busy their news feed is. So I had to quit being selfish and started opening lots of links they shared and never fail to reply them on twitter about what I learnt, and believe me it made a difference as most of my top followers with thousands of people the follow picked interest in me as I was becoming more valuable to them. Below is a screenshot of one of my top fans with 20.1k followers and how I got her to tweet about me.

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Pin a Tweet To Your Profile
Pinning a tweet to your profile is one way to redirect any visitor to your blog or let them know what you are all about. You can use pinned tweets to advertise your new business Idea or drive sales on your website.I use pinned tweets often to share my new contents to profile visitors

Share the love 
The whole idea of taking your web business to the social media is to increase traffic, but you shouldn't make that as your number one priority by always sharing too many links about your business. Learn to retweet other users tweet and let your followers know you care about what they also do. This will get them engaged in your original tweet.


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