Sunday, 26 June 2016

How To Steal And Own Creative Content Ideas.

Let's face it, those post you upload about 60% is gotten from a similar topic to the one you wrote. Even if you didn't get it from a similar post, we all know no blog contains 100% of the bloggers own ideas.
We all borrow ideas or even source for topics from other blogs and wouldn't give references just because we added our own little twist to the article.

But they are few things in borrowing ideas that separate the pros from the cons.
I wanted to share a screenshot of something I think every internet user has come across but am having hard luck with that.
 Most times when we make a search on google and get results, we often find directly similar articles- same words, same opinions, if tutorials you see same steps and pics.
It clearly shows that one party is adding no value.

The key to creating(stealing) great articles like a pro, is to practise cyber Symbiosis rather than aiming to feed off other's hard work(parasitism)
It's really hard to come up with great contents especially when you run a one-man squad blog like me and you are trying to write 3 quality blog contents weekly and it could really be a challenge trying to get more contents for your topic.
You must understand that great and catchy titles matters but it's your article content that brings back your readers.
So am going to share the little I know about getting great contents for your title.

How To Be The Pro Not The Con.

Make Use of A forum

Going through an open forum you can get various  ideas and you get to see other people's opinion
on related topic to yours. What I do is just google my intended topic then
add "forum" to my google search and I go through to get ideas and understand both myths and facts about my topics.

You can see above that google has managed to show me only results relating to How to create great contents that are being talked about in fora.

Use PLR.

Another way to get content ideas and points is by using private label rights(PLR).
Okay for those who don't know about PLR, In internet marketing, private label rights is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. 
The license is defined by the author of the work and has no legal definition. Private label rights are derived from private labeling. You can actually buy articles for cheap and own it with full legal rights, you can google PLR sites and search for topics in your niche, several PLR sites can get you up to 50 articles for as low as 5 dollars.

 Here are a few to save you time

  1.   No membership required.
  2. No membership required
  3. Membership required
  4. Membership required
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  10. No membership required

Tell Your story.
Sometimes we connect to certain blog articles posted online because either we have made similar mistakes, similar success or know someone who has gone through the same thing.
It is best to capitalise on such post, much editing won't be done. All you need to do is tell your story then add borrowed ideas.

To be a good blogger all you have to do is tell the story the way you see it and no one is better at that than you.

Never Do A-ME-TOO Post.

Oh great! everyone is posting about cats and I should post about cats too. WRONG!!!!!  I have had those thoughts too but I came to understand that as a blogger you have to be as original as possible even when you are borrowing(stealing) content ideas.
Don't search for your content ideas only in posts that are similar to what you are about publishing.

I would best explain to you in a simple sample how I put together my every post.

okay, let's say my topic is "10 ways to ruin your commercial poultry business"

Step 1: Take a notepad and write down the sections about this topic you intend publishing.
Example: Google possible egg turn turnouts monthly if rearing 3000 birds.
Find out diseases that affect poultry birds.
Find out vaccines used for poultry birds.
Find out reasons why poultry businesses fail.
Find out the cost of investing in poultry feed.
Find out requirements and land space needed to run a standard poultry.

With all these searches and results you have successfully gotten facts, statistics, profit earn, medication and requirement for a poultry business all from different sources coupled with your personal story and you have a great article and point from diverse sources.

This is how you can be a pro being creative at content writing without having to sound like a con in every of your post.

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