Wednesday, 29 June 2016

SEO Is Doing Your Web Business No Good.

Being placed high in the search engine ranking has always been a holy grail for sending thousands of visitors to your blog/website, but not anymore. Lots of web business owners are driving traffic to their blog/websites through other places. If you are still aiming at ranking high on search engines, you are probably missing out on the trend and lagging behind.

The social media is playing a big role in making search engine optimization do your web business no good. You should know that search engines are becoming more intelligent; making it hard to rank good unless you are providing the best content.

 Read on and find out how the social media is taking over the web business growth.

Social media Groups/Communities.

Social media users find it more easy to ask friends online or complete strangers for recommendations on almost everything and get human filtered results, which makes them feel more satisfied as most results are shared out of experience.
The point is that people turn to facebook groups for most of their search, as it's coming from people they know.

What you should do- Get active on two or three social media platforms and participate fully in a group or community that has relevant niche to your blog/website. Don't go off trying to sell out on all platforms, you should identify which social media platform can grow your web business. You should aim at adding value to whatever group or community you get on, putting out to members that you just want to make money off their clicks and views would send a bad signal.

Optimizing Twitter.

Twitter is a really great social media platform and users are making the best out of it. When people are in search of information, they turn to twitter. it's easier to ask a question there than it is to do a search, and also you get much better result. Plus, twitter lets anyone see your update(unless your feed is private), which opens up some great opportunities for promotion.Twitter is used for everything from breaking news to research. Trending topics let's us know what's going on at the moment. Hashtags work really awesome in popular tweets and what people are saying.

What you should do- You follow up relevant conversations about your industry and give answers to questions and re-tweet popular tweets related to your niche.
It's a great way to make people view you as professional and eventually turn to you next time for answers.
               This trick works perfectly for me!

A lot Of Internet Users Got a Favorite site.

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Most regular Internet users already have sites they turn to when they need certain things. So, if you are selling products online, ranking high on search engine won't build trust and from what I have understood, every successful online business is where it is right now due to the trust they have created. Internet users stick to websites they're comfortable with and are hesitant to deal with a new site. When they get engaged in a new, site it's often based on advise from someone they can trust and word of mouth.

What you should do- If you are a content blogger like me, consider getting your post featured on bigger sites with thesame niche as yours. And if you own a local business, you should open your online store on other bigger online stores that have earned thousands of trust, then direct customers to your own site.

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Finally I would say

There are tons of SEO and content marketing tips available on the web, and while reading as much as possible is a good thing, trying to do everything may prove to be counterproductive. If you have been struggling with search engine optimization, you should give it a break. Try something new, come up with a new strategy and know that if it's not working for you, it doesn't mean you won't still achieve it. All you need is a NEW PLATFORM.


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