Monday, 17 October 2016

How To Shop Online And Get Secured.

Security means a lot both online and offline especially in a world of hackers, scammers and too good to be true price tags. For those who don't shop online frequently or are new to it, it's just like walking down the belly of the beast if they have been scammed previously or lost money in some way only they know.

On my previous post, I talked about how to spot an eBay scam which was written for sellers but the story here will be going down to how I started purchasing stuff online and How I made my first purchase, what site I purchased from, what precautions I too and the questions I asked.

In the beginning;

I first fell in love with shopping online when a guy I knew told me He buys wrist watches from china and sells in Nigeria.
He didn't have to travel down to china and he just received it at his doorstep here in Nigeria, it sounded like a lie because I thought this stuff was only in the myths and legends of this century but it was true so I embarked on learning how to also purchase online.
I still remember my first large purchase on Aliexpress being a Lenovo refurbished tablet the deal went down perfectly right and I got my item shipped down to Lagos, Nigeria within 3 days time via DHL.

So I will dive into how to get secured and spend your cash on the right stuff. They are questions to be asked and steps to take so below I will tell u about this things if you are still like me 4 years ago before my first purchase.

Check Store's Refund Policy.

No amount of knowledge you get from my post or any other post would give you 100% guarantee that you can make a purchase on any site(trusted or not trusted) perfectly without a solid refund  policy.
A refund policy assures you money back if your order does not arrive within delivery time promised by the seller, in most cases, you will get back up if the item you get from the seller is significantly different from what was described on the seller's page.
Now, chances are that you either get a full refund and return the item or get a partial refund and keep the Item.
Every online store has a refund policy below their web pages.

Be Aware Of Identity Theft.

So, what is an Identity Theft?
It is a fraudulent practice of using another person's name and personal information in order to obtain credit, loans, etc.
The question here is how can your credit card details be obtained by someone else and how do you protect yourself while using your card to purchase online.

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Before trying out paid services in other to protect your security details against Identity Theft they are simple steps you can take that only requires common sense.

  • Never use your credit card shopping on a public computer or one that isn't yours. Why?; You can never tell if whatever device you use that's not yours has a keylogger software installed on it and a keylogger software is one of the basic tools hackers use to get passwords. This keylogger software records every keystroke you type and is emailed to the hacker. Now, the chances of getting hooked by this scams are that you expose your password by logging into your account on a monitored device and believe me, the result can be very nasty.
  • I have talked about how much we love cheap/free things online in one of my previous articles and I will stress it here again. People easily get scammed on the internet because they want to spend less and get more, that's why it's advisable to purchase only on trusted sites in other to get product guarantee and detail protections.

Create  Relationships With Sellers.

I have never viewed an online transaction like a one time deal, view your online transaction same as the one you carry out with your hair stylist. You trust your stylist because His or Her services have met your standard. The Same thing can be done online with your online sellers.
It is more advisable to have a single seller in a store that supplies you with a certain product rather than making a random search for cheap stuff.

Also, the whole idea of shopping online is not about making a one hit transaction and off  you go to find something cheaper. The main essence of shopping from your own comfort is to make trade easier for you and the seller, to give you access to several products with a single swipe and also to support a cashless and safe way of paying for products/services.

Make Trust Purchase.

Trust purchase is a word you will only find on Ugly Bay because I invented it and I will tell what a trust purchase is.
When I made my first transaction online I was careful to spend not more than $25USD the same precaution was taken in my second, third and fourth transaction all on one buyer because it is said that if one can be trusted with little things, it's worth trusting big things unto them.
So, all four items bought were significantly similar to what the seller had described and they earned my trust.
This method can be applied to stores/sellers you haven't made transactions with before.

I won't put an article to discourage you from not buying from stores that aren't popular but because we do have a lot of genuine unknown stores on the web, it's best you make a trust purchase for at least 5 times before giving in to something worth slightly higher in amount.


Security can never be guaranteed to you by anyone, the choices you make are what determines how safe it could get for you when cutting a deal online and I advise you make more findings on paid protection software like Anti-virus and spyware which you can use to protect your details against online fraud if you are good at breaking rules.


Friday, 2 September 2016

4 Habits For Writing Killer Blog Contents.

You are probably reading this article because you are eager to cross check your content habits or implement some of these habits on your blog.
You should also know that they are not professional advice but just a set of rules I have created, and they work.
Before you go ahead trying out these habits on your contents, you must also understand that they are no requirements to be a professional blogger, all you need is a good write up and telling the story your way.

Below are sets of habit I have developed for every of my content.

Add  Questions To Create Interactions.

I will go beyond adding questions get interactions on your blog. I'm always more concern about comments on each of my posts, the reason being that comments proves my hard work is being appreciated or criticised(criticism is good), but when you are not getting comments on your blog, it's a dreadful sign, and you have to address it.

When it comes to getting interactions on your post, adding questions at the end of the post is a little step close to flooding your comment box.
I would share a few post links from my favourite bloggers to you about several ways you can get those comments coming in.

Read- 14 Devious Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog Posts
Read- Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do about It
Okay, so those are a few ways to step your blog activities up.
Adding simple questions at the end of each of your post helps let your readers see your points clearly, the whole essence of you working on that topic and makes them drop their opinions as comments.
 So next time when putting up a content always ask about your reader's opinion or what the think about the ideas you are contributing to them.
Leaving Easy-to-answer question leads to discussions from your readers.

Respond To Comments.
Responding to comments is equivalent to appreciating what you have. Besides that, the more legit criticism you get, the more your overall search traffic doubles and to keep more comments coming in.
Responded comments keep visitors coming back to get your feedback, and as such increasing your traffic.

Write  Long-Form Contents.
You have probably come across those articles online telling you to keep your post "short and sweet", but most times, not every rule applies to every content.
The reason people move from one blog to another not taking points from one post is that they need more options. The main idea of existing as a blogger is to to provide several options for your readers, and you would need lots of words to mentions these options.

Let's say you are to write about "How to build your brand" and you make an article of 350 words with only a single way of building a brand, this one way trip to building a brand would only make your reader get on board to another blog for more options if not favourable.
But with more research on a topic, more choices, and a long content your readers have several options from you and it favours both you and your readers as it makes them spend more time on your blog.
Use Of gifs

Gifs are great! My very first post to give me a comment had a gif in it, nothing superstitious about it but it's true that gifs help boost comments as they contribute in adding humor to your post(which is superb) and they catch reader's attentions.
One of the best tools social media marketers use to get attention on their views online is via visuals which include photographs, videos, and gifs.
Out of all these visuals, videos are the most productive at sending out a message effectively, but a gif is between, some moving picture which gives you a great advantage when using them to post your contents on social media and your blog. You should read more on;-
Benefits of Using Visuals In Content Marketing.
Understand the power of positive thinking and being persistent, these habits are not spiritual rituals that would expand your blogging career in days or weeks, it's a weekly routine(depending on how many times you publish a month).
Also never think the would be a moment in your blogging career when you would have less to learn, and you would have everything in place. Daily the world internet upgrades and innovations are taking place, so you should always set your mind at being in the position of learning.

With these mindsets, you would be able to coop with even 12 page views a day till you achieve thousands.

What Do You Think?
Do you have any habit you have been implementing on your blog that has proved positive? I would appreciate if you comment below to share it with everyone.

Friday, 5 August 2016

How I Sold My First Book And What I learnt - Offline marketing.

I always come up with new and legal ways of making extra money for my personal use and mostly to help build my blog and one of those ways are selling books. Not e-books to say, my country's economy is in total recession and everyone is trying to make earns meet so it made me sign up for marketing a certain set of books published by my church's press(Advent Press)

Every other marketer in my church who sells these books engage in offline marketing and it's really hard going face to face when there are so many unhappy people.

These book's niche are under Health, Family Relationships, Teens and Spiritual Guidiance which are totally different niche from what I do here, what I study online and the niche of my favourite blogs.

So how do I get up on a tuesday morning to convince and successfully hand over  a set of health, relationship, spiritual guidiance and teens book to someone without having a passion and commitment for these topics? I was told during the marketing training in church that you have to have passion before you make successful sales and this quite works same for a blogging career.

I knew the bitter truth and possible future of walking in circles on the streets of Lagos for weeks or probably months(If am still persistent) without selling a book, but I had to go ahead.

I believe  "As long as there is a will, there is a way".

So in order to prove my teachers wrong I had to make out a plan.
I knew the only possible way is to bring in blogging rules, try to find a similarity between what I do and these books and it all fell to Marketing.

Am to market a book in a different niche and I talk about content marketing on my blog, so I have to just market these books in a way that suits its niche.

How Blogging Rules Aid Offline Marketing.
I had to bring in one blogging rule into selling these books and this rule is acting like your only interest is serving them and not after making money off a potential customer. I spent an average of 3minutes to introduce what I'm selling and of what use it is to them.

I also knew what book to introduce to them, the older women had marraige and parenting books introduced first then accompanied by the home health books while the younger people had teen books about relationships introduced to them.

These format is just like growing organic followers on twitter, its all about their possible interests. The older women also got teens book that they can buy as gifts for their kids or someone they knew.
But they loved the books because they where colourful, had large fonts and good pictures but no body bought it.
I first of all thought, "oh yeah how would they buy when everyone is broke".

So I had to step up and thought of creating a little moment relationship with anyone I met next even if most words would sound like a lie or probably a lie.
Several people I came in contact with, most of them had told me how they don't love engaging themselves in reading books and the sad truth about why most of them said this was because I introduced the big books just because I wanted to make one big sale.
so I recalled a quote, "Little drops of water makes up an ocean"

So I put away my big books and talked more about the little ones and before they say it, I tell them how much I dislike reading and thats why I sell little books.
But they gave me new excuse why they won't buy or can't which was "NO MONEY". Those two words really break my heart.

So I decided to follow another blogging rule which is adding a personality to your contents.

How Adding Personality Aids Sales.
Before I set off for my marketing, I had a little written note stating how I would introduce myself and my books.

 For 2 days I used them and it only made me sound like am speaking for someone, like a puppet and someone under pressure. So it was time to make people like me for me. So on thursday, everyone I met I tried to strike a little conversation with them while introducing my book and also ask them questions related to the books topic and when they try sharing any idea, I appreciate them.

I smiled and none of them told me they were not interested to even listen to me and that was one success.
Most people told me why they don't buy health books(complaining about not having access to most of the fruit and herb remedies these type of books talk about in our locality) so I tried telling them that they could get it as a gift and also they contain new researches and have only herbs and fruits you can find in Nigeria.

So they still didn't buy but they told me to check up on them later and that was a good news.

Later That Thursday I sold A Book.

You know that saying that says, "Aim for the moon if you don't get it at least you fall among the stars"

I may disagree about that in most cases, so I approached a man and I started speaking, expressing myself, telling him about my little health book and implementing every content marketing skill I have known.

And he finally said, "I like you", "You are young and I like what you do". I have a son about your age and I would buy it mostly because I like you and am interested in health.
 But it seems you know a lot about health or does this little book contain all you have told me?, and I wanted to say "Yes" so he could just love it more and buy it or say "No" and introduce the bigger ones so he could buy it and I make more money.

So all in one second thought I said "No" and said "I have a bigger one" and I just knew it that he would buy it since he was suprised about my age and how convincing I tried to be so it made him give me full attention while I spoke.

And he bought the bigger book for N2,500($7.83USD) not because of the health  advice but because of my courage and the passion I showed. I didn't act like I have some boss that has giving me a daily target or someone trying to just make money off another person.

I believe a good marketer can sell anything given to him or her and I also think am a good marketer.

Today is friday and I sold another book.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

How To Get More Twitter Followers Using Growth Champ.

Getting more followers daily is every twitter user's wish, be it for the need of marketing or just for fun. We all do want tons of twitter followers.

There is a thing on twitter, those with thousands and millions of followers are popular people, even if you might not know them.
It happens to me a lot, I most time follow people based on the fact that I'm impressed by the number of followers they have and will love to get updates from them.

And the most important part about outstanding twitter profiles are the figures.

So how can You achieve this without being a celebrity?

Properties Of An Impressive Twitter Profile.

  • Having a lesser number of people you follow compared to the number following you.
  • Having have six figure followers.
  • A few tweets.
  • Less likes.
With this properties, that's how fellow users would judge you and draw to a conclusion if they really want to follow you voluntarily.

Most times we tweet more and use hashtags to get more impressions but that only gives us a dirty profile except  we do use multiple tweet deleters to keep it clean.

But how do you get people to follow you simply but doing nothing on your account but post what you want to share?

Using Growth Champ.

I would explain to you what growth champ does for your twitter account and what I have achieved using growth champ.

I personally decided to enable growth champ manage my account and didn't tweet for a week and still gained 71 new followers.

Growth champ automatically manages your twitter account for you and monitors targeted audience in your niche. Growth champ also has features that automatically launches interaction with followers of celebrities in your niche, making them notice you and make the move on following you, with growth champ you grow organic followers. With growth champ, you can always promote tweets and keep an active account for social media marketing.
I won't want to go on preaching but I have told you the basics you need to know about growth champ, now How To sign up.

Step 1- open Growth champ and click fill in your twitter email in the blue highlighted space.
Step 2- And select Twitter on the red highlighted space and click sign up for Free.

Step 3- You would be redirected to a page where you would have to fill in your interest(e.g music, business health etc) and select what goals you aim at achieving using growth champ also, a section to limit your target audience to a certain city etc. But it's better not to limit it for more exposure.
Then press Next.

Step 4- You fill in your twitter handle and  password. And next
Step 5- A list of popular people in your niche would be displayed for you to pick 5 of which their users would get into interactions with you till they follow you.

So this is the final section then press next and skip every other step till it takes you to the dash board.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Do You Need An SEO Expert? Or You Can Just Do It Yourself.

Have decided to take blogging as a career, so I have my blog set up all by myself and have been reading blogs of several successful bloggers
who know the insights in blogging, content marketing, and Business growth.
But I still have a problem. One blogger says it's necessary you get an SEO expert while the other says it isn't exactly necessary.
Hiring an SEO expert can't boost your page views in weeks but does my blog need one?

It's a YES and NO answers; this is how I will say it.


Hiring an SEO expert increases your expenditure(which isn't good for a newbie.

I would consider getting and SEO expert too quick as a newbie as desperate, its shows that you just want to reach the end point of being ranked top
but you should know both SEO ranking and using social media takes time. It's a journey, not a destination, it never stops.

With all the tips on the web about how to grow your audience to thousands in weeks, you can achieve it, but there is one paramount thing every amateur blogger should understand, which is how to satisfy your readers. This is one thing you can't pay someone to do; it's a skill you need to develop with few visitors then you can handle the multitude, and it does take time. Getting an SEO expert too quick and ranking well so fast would certainly make you disappoint a lot of visitors with maybe poor contents, poor blog design and every other dumb thing we amateurs do to scare away our visitors. In short words, you are still incapable of handling success, so you need to grow and study your audience, and that's why Google Analytics is a must have for every blogger.


They could be consequences if done wrongly, consider getting an expert to play by the rules. Violating any search engine policy simply means not being ranked properly or not coming up on search results and the price to pay is losing your potential page visitors to competitors.

You would certainly need an SEO expert at a particular stage in your web business.
Just like how lawyers hire accountants, you would need someone(probably a team) who would be in charge of generating leads and sales, people to execute the bigger task as you would not have the luxury of having time.
But you should know Its possible to build a business without SEO,  whatever time you are investing in SEO if converted to create your blog on the social media would give you same results.

Monday, 4 July 2016

3 Brutal Startup Mistakes You Might Make.

Data compiled by Disrupt Africa showed that 125  tech startups raised funding in 2015 around the  African continent to the tune of US$185.7 million.  With Nigeria receiving 24%(US$49,404,000) of the fund raised.
Nigeria as a country seems to spend so much on startups and skill acquisition for its citizens.
Despite the huge budget set aside yearly to fund this annual activity, this sector in our society seems to maintain status quo.

Setting up a skill acquisitions to help drive income to the accounts of those enrolling for such training, is same as helping them set making money as the primary goal. Whatever skill the sign up to learn, this is the orientation the government render to these individuals as 65% of them are unemployed, and 35% are underemployed.

With no entrepreneurship skills and a goal of making quick money off their newly acquired skills,  funding such startups only turn out futile.
And despite the massive funds spent on startups in Nigeria, 80% of its youths are still unemployed.
Just like every business start-up, making quick money shouldn't be it's core purpose.
Funding start-ups by the government or individual is a half way project that's why it reflects in the durability of the business.

It's not certain as to why certain business excels against all the odds and why some collapse despite a promising future ahead but there are a few reasons most start-ups and successful business fail.

Reasons Startups Fail

Being blinded by technology

Technology is just a tool to run your business not the brain trust behind your business. Many failed e-business owners forgot and neglected the fact that human abilities are always needed to run and maintain a long term successful business, this is one thing even the most expensive technology can't replace. Someone needs to balance those sheets on ink and paper. Tech isn't and has never been a way out of the hard work in setting up great business plans. Machines shouldn't be doing all the jobs; it's 100% important for small firms to take notice of personally sending anniversary wishes, birthday, etc. Wishes to customers rather than use automated software.

Growing too quickly

 In the boom of the dot com era one of the fast growing e- businesses went into self-liquidation because they attempted growing too fast. They opened regional warehouses which are said to be one of the reasons that lead to their liquidation. How do you explain the downfall of a company with  320 employees and a failed investment of US $300 million vanished in the course of making profits from reinvestment for its profit?

Bad Ideas

Great organisations focus a lot on building an effective team and workforce that would contribute largely to the ideas and tactics required to excel their products/services in all aspect of business, but not every successful business happen to maintain their spot on top of the market chain.You would think it's almost impossible for these big firms to get crippled with the team of great professionals who always seem to come up with brilliant innovations. However, a lot of top business can't survive the test of time or change with the changing times.

Others are just being managed by mediocre that's why we will always have a one shot success business firm that vanishes into thin air. The future of every business is its founder's core purpose of starting the business; it's a business priority to make sure profit is made to maintain the payroll but beyond that is something worth more than the dollar or naira signs, which is the founder's purpose of being in business.

Also, read: The purpose of a business

Just as an individual, a business has rights and responsibilities and in a case where it exercises it's full rights and not responsibilities, the business becomes useless to the citizens.
When starting a business, you have the right to own property, hire workers and enter into contracts.
A business owner who aims only at making money off its customers is simply not contributing the slightest change in any aspects of its customers and like a person, you lose your value and worth.

 And I think every business has a growth potential, time and place are major influencers for every business. And when it comes to investment in startups we should be low on the budget brilliant ideas are worth more than any hired professional, marketing tech or capital.

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